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The Catch Me If You Can Masterclass

How to Travel More, Better, and Deeper

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How to Travel More, Better, Deeper.

How to Travel More, Better and Deeper is three part series that was created for those who are looking to incorporate more travel into their lifestyle. These Masterclasses are designed to be taken together or separately depending on your interests and goals. There will not be overlapping information between the modules. Taught by Jessica Nabongo, a highly recognized travel expert who has visited over 100 countries, lived on four continents and been featured by Condé Nast Traveler, Bloomberg, Forbes, Inc Magazine, and more. This class is an opportunity to learn tips and hacks to enhance your travel experience directly from someone who is living their best life while traveling. These virtual classes can be taken from anywhere in the world and will be scheduled in April. Once the class is full we will work with all participants to select a date and time. 


Classes are 90 minutes. There will be 60-minutes lesson and 30 minutes for questions.


A chance to intimately discuss six specific topics towards traveling more, better, and deeper, as well as the opportunity to ask me questions directly.


This will not cover “budget travel” (while there are tips to save money on flights, this will not help those looking to travel super cheaply).

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